KissKissBankBank redeemed by La Banque Postale

After 6 years of partnership, finally the wedding ! The Postal Bank will redeem at 100 % KissKissBankBank & Co – the company that owns including KissKissBankBank the most famous platforms in france crowdfunding. The announcement was made on June 28, 2017 in a joint press release. What a result for you customers of The Postal Bank ? Focus.

CrowdfundingKissKissBankBank & Co publishes three crowdfunding platforms : KissKissBankBank – the platform of gifts who popularized the crowdfunding in France – Hellomerci – dedicated to the ready solidarity between individuals – and Lendopolis – platform crowdlending that allows small-and medium-sized businesses to borrow (with interest) from individuals.
The crowdfunding made its entry in the bank branches !

With the acquisition of KissKissBankBank & Co, The Postal Bank ” wishes to expand its offer of products and services to meet the expectations of its customers as well as new uses of banking “, one can read in the press release. And, in practical terms ? According to Rémy Weber, chairman of the management board of The Postal Bank, cited by advisors dedicated to very small enterprises and professionals will be able to, from January 2018, to offer their customers financing through a crowdfunding campaign rather than with a bank loan. A first !

Hello bank! has also developed a partnership with a platform for crowdlending – – but side investors. The customers of the online bank can lend money to SMES. But they can’t borrow via

KissKissBankBank and The Postal Bank are not in their first test shot. For the past 6 years, every month, the fans of the page Facebook of The Postal Bank shall elect their project “coup de coeur” on And the winner receives the financial support of The Postal Bank : the bank finances 50 % of the fundraising goal.

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The Postal Bank, definitely an actor who knows how to surround !

The Postal Bank is very involved side crowdfunding. In October 2016, it announced that it had acquired 10 % of the share capital of WeShareBond, a platform crowdequity – a form of crowdfunding that enables investors to obtain shares of the company in which they invest.

Payment biometric and piggy bank that is connected, internally also, The Postal Bank is trying to innovate ! For example, it is the first bank to have deployed a nation-wide biometric authentication system : Talk to Pay. Launched on the 6th of June, this system allows all customers of The Postal Bank – for a fee of € 10 per year – to secure their online transactions through their voice. New !

But in fact, is that these innovations and partnerships you’re really interested in ? Professionals, clients of The Postal Bank, would you be tempted by a crowdfunding campaign ? Or do you prefer to finance your business with a bank loan ? To respond, leave us a comment right at the bottom of the article !

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