Labels and quality : reality or commercial action ?

The phenomenon of the quality label has become just as famous as that of organic products. With competition tougher between brands, some will cling to this last resort for hope for a better sell and it seems their walk. However, should we be wary of this charm, or believe that a product labeled is really what he claims to be ?

The quality label : a guarantee of quality

The majority of consumers of large surfaces certify to be convinced by the presence of a label on a product. This belief is based on the process of attribution of the label which, when one knows its implications, seems to give more credit to the thing.

In fact, to have the honor to see stamping on their products a label “product of the year” or ” flavor of the year “, the journey of the brands is quite big. They must fulfill conditions of constant innovation in the substance and form of their products. It is then up to the company quality label, to judge and choose who can receive this distinction. Moreover, even if the procedure seems to be extremely regulated, and proves the seriousness of the thing, one wonders why brands would of the feet and hands to receive a label.

Labeling : a operation of charm

In a world where industrialization is increasingly decried, and that a return to healthy products is promoted to cor and to cry, the labeling seems to be a guarantee of quality.

However, it is obvious that no brand would spend fortunes to change every year, its packaging, or to upgrade its products if it was not for any specific purpose, for a better visibility.

very few people remain indifferent to such registration which the inspiration of all on trust. Thus, it is clear that this was not innocent and that if the brands run after this distinction, it is certainly not for the benefit of consumers.

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