Life insurance : focus on the bonus offers of performance

Life insurance attracts less and less French now, certainly because of the decline of the fund in euros. And yet, previously, he was a security solution in the face of inflation. Today, the rate of return turns out to be more interesting compared to other types of investment. The issue of profitability is even more topical because in some actions, it speaks of loss.

Life insurance : from the love to the dislike of the French ?

Life Insurance is an investment most beloved by the French.

In this sense, the euro funds are the first place. And static the show : over 80 % of aum invested in life insurance have been placed on a support in euros. This trend is certainly aided by the security that this type of investment makes, even in the case of inflation. But currently, this is no longer the case. The famous investment which is supposed to be safe and cost-effective is far from keeping its promise. The enthusiasm of investors has significantly declined, and more and more individuals are seeking other alternatives for their holdings are safer.

Bonus performance : a solution for the diversification of investment

In the Face of the downward trend of the euro funds, insurers encourage individuals who are savings to vary their mode of investment. It is as well as the bonus of performance are born. In a few words, the contract is to aspire to a higher rate on the funds in euros, and invest in units of account. The only catch to the situation is that this is not all investors who are familiar with the operation of the units of account. It would be difficult, therefore, to invest in this direction. To remedy the situation, it is important that professionals learn and train more individuals in this area.

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