Life insurance : the decrease in yields does not flee the French

A 1,80 % average return in 2016, we would have expected that the French are deserting the life insurance and funds eur low paying… But, to turn to what investment exactly ? The booklet and its interest rates to 0.75 % of the net ? Let’s be serious… As if to verify the adage that » A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush «, a survey conducted by Ipsos for the insurance broker – published on the 1st of June – we learned that 57 % of the French holders of life insurance are satisfied with the performance of their fund € ! Decryption.

Ipsos/Life-Insurance.comFonds in € : the rate of satisfaction varies according to the distributor

The 2nd edition of the survey » The French, life insurance… and the CPU «, conducted by Ipsos from 31 march to 04 April 2017 from 2 to 175 people, has set a goal of » better understand the attitude of the French vis-à-vis their savings, and, especially, to identify their expectations with regard to the management of their investments in units of account (UA) «.

Among other generalities, the results of the survey we learn that the life insurance is and remains an investment of choice for investors in French :

  • 44% of French people have at least a contract
  • 14% expect to buy soon a new contract, they already have one or not

In the detail of the distribution channel preferred, the survey tells us that :

  • 66 % of holders of life insurance, have subscribed to at least one of their contracts with a bank agency : 54 % are satisfied with the performance of their funds €

This satisfaction is high there may be surprising given that the life insurance policies distributed by banks are traditionally the least profitable of the market. For example, the fund € of the contracts of the banks reported an average return of 1.47 % for 2016, compared to 1.80 per cent of all distributors combined.

  • 15 % through mutual : 62 % of investors are satisfied with the performance of the fund €
  • 10% in a general agent for insurance – that is to say, a practitioner representing an insurance company : 61 % of subscribers are satisfied with the compensation fund €
  • 5 % are passed through the internet : 63 % of investors were satisfied that their reported fund €

The life insurance contracts distributed on the internet have the advantage to be accompanied by a reduced fee, which has the effect of inflating mechanically the compensation served.

  • 5 % have joined an association of savers : 74 % of investors say they are satisfied with the performance of the fund €
  • 3 % have used an adviser in wealth management independent (IFAS) : 51 % of investors who have chosen this channel feel satisfactory the performance of the fund €


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But indifference to the units of account (UA) to be more risky

Obviously, this that led the French to be satisfied with the performance of the materials in euros, it is their side guaranteed, secure. It is therefore no great surprise that we learned in the survey that investors in the French have a low level of attractiveness for the CPU.

Only 30% of holders of a life insurance policy would have already invested in these materials and only 7 % have the intention to do so.

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Investments in units of account – in contrast to the euro funds are not guaranteed and the risks of capital loss are so real. But, these media are also potentially much more lucrative that the fund €.

But, it may be less the fear of the risk that the lack of information on the units of account that are pushing the French to lose interest, the study says. Thus, «among those who have already invested in UA and those who intend to do so, 57 % favor the financial instruments (shares, bonds…) to the detriment of media real estate (OPCI, SCPI)» popular by 15 % (only) of investors.

A lack of information concerning the CPU-evident, as in 2016, the average yield of all UC mortality was 3.9 %, compared to 4,63% average yield for the only SCPI !

Finally, the results of the survey indicate that, in the context of an investment in UC, 65 % of investors would like to receive professional help through a management recommended, under mandate. 34 % do not want any assistance. And, only 1 % would assign this mission to a robo-advisor…

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