Life insurance : towards a democratization of the management under mandate ?

In a contract of life insurance multi-support, management under mandate is an option that the investor may subscribe. This option allows him to entrust the management of its assets to a professional, then the responsibility to arbitrate its investments according to its investment profile. Once available only to clients of private banks, » the management under mandate began to democratize at the end of the 2000’s «, we learn from an article by Cbanque. Today, insurers make this option more accessible. Focus.

The comparative management fees of the insurance vieDe 20 000 € to 300 € on ING Direct Life

For a month at ING Direct, management under mandate is available «as early as 300 euros payment,» says Julien Schahl – responsible savings and investment products to the bank’s online – in the drafting of Cbanque.

That is to say, if this service «premium» has widened to the greatest number ! Originally, he had to pay 20 000 € of savings to get there, then 5, 000, then 1 000 euros – he says.

If Generali Life – the insurer of the contract ING Direct Life – has decided to lower the entry ticket to € 300, this is because the management under mandate «is now more simple for the insurer, in particular because the volumes involved have made good progress «and that» Generali was able to evolve its technology in this way «.

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These conditions have therefore allowed the insurer to democratize the management under mandate of the contract ING Direct Life as well as one of the three largest life insurance contracts in line » that he manages. Namely Boursorama Life, Altaprofits Life and LinXea Life.

Now on the contracts Boursorama Life and Altaprofits Life, a payment of 300 € is enough to delegate the management of the contract to your insurer, advised by a management company. The management under mandate of the contract LinXea Life is available from €500.

The same trend is observed on the contract Fortuneo Life – assured this time by Suravenir – the entrance ticket to the management under mandate from 30 000 € to 1 000 €.

What is the price of the management under mandate ?

And among Generali, the entry tickets in management under mandate tend to align on the entry tickets free management even as the first type of management implies a real service. Often associated with the idea of » freedom «, the management under mandate is for the investor to delegate the adjudication of its investment professionals.

It is sufficient for him to inform his investor profile for no more then to take care of its assets. It remains, however, informed of the performance of these and he can of course decide to change direction at any time. Li-ber-tee.

Distributor/ContratAccès management libreAccès management under mandate300 €300 €300 €300 €100 €1 000 €1 000 €5 000 €Altaprofits Vie300 €300 €Digital Vie100 €5 000 €Titles@Life.1 000 €5 000 €Darjeeling1 000 €1 000 €LinXea Avenir100 €1 000 €LinXea Spirit500 €1 000 €LinXea Life.1 000 €1 000 €ND1 000 €/* Here you can add custom CSS for the current table */ /* Lean more about CSS: */ /* To prevent the use of styles to other tables use «#supsystic-table-5» as a basis selector for example: #supsystic-table-5 { … } #supsystic-table-5 tbody { … } #supsystic-table-5 tbody tr { … } */

As it is a true » service «, the entry ticket to the management under mandate is generally higher than that in the framework of a free management, for which the investor chooses any one of its carriers and their distribution.

Which is – as you can see – still the case for several contracts. And the price difference – where it exists – is not trivial. Of 100 € to 1 000 € for the contract Fortuneo Life or 1 000 € to 5 000 € for BforBank Life…

But the service remains beautiful and well-paying ! Even if the entrance tickets – in management under mandate and management free – tend to align the management fees of the media in units of account (UA) are always higher in management under mandate. In fact, it takes on average 0.10% of costs additional to the management fee, the UC in the case of management under mandate.

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Another way to attract investors to the units of account

By making it more accessible to the discretionary management of life insurance contracts, insurers encourage a more time – savers to pay attention to the units of account and to distance itself from the euro funds. A strategy that seems to be bearing fruit !

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According to Julien Schahl always, » the management mandates of ING, it now represents a billion euros in loans to 30 700 contracts ! We are now in a logic of mass […] 25% of our contracts are in management under mandate, and 33% of new subscriptions. […] Has each time that we have lowered the threshold of access to the management guidance, we observed a significant increase of the collection on this segment «.

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