Linxo : everything on this revolutionary application !

Linxo is an application that has been developed by a start-up in 2010. It is a revolutionary concept, because it brings a new approach to the management of the banking assets. With its advantages, this application will encounter a front of success currently. Only a few months after its release, the software reached a small million users in France. Of what to delight its designers.

Linxo is not a bank

It is important to say at the outset that Linxo is not a bank or a banking application.

In fact, many are the individuals that are wrong in this sense. Rather, it is an algorithm driven, established by some young start-ups to facilitate management of assets. The idea was so interested in the world of finance, that banks such as credit and mutual insurance racing in the financing of the development of the product. And they have done well in the extent to which the project is a success. More specifically, it comprises nearly a million users, if one takes into account that the statistics in the Hexagon.

The benefits to be gained with the application Linxo

If Linxo is so popular in France, this is not the result of mere chance. And the benefits of this application are not trivial.

To begin with, it is a software that allows you to see at any time the status of your bank account. With Linxo, the management of its fortune has never been so simple.

Moreover, in addition to allowing you to keep an eye on your finances, the app calculates the expenses to come so that you can reduce as much as possible the bank overdrafts and agios. Each month, the application takes care of presenting to you the future of your finances according to your projects to allow you to remain in good fiscal conditions.

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