Linxo is launching an app “pro/perso” all-in-one

Be able to manage them from a single interface his business accounts and his personal accounts. Some craftsmen, traders, liberal professions or micro-entrepreneurs have probably always dreamed of, Linxo, the solution aggregation of accounts and budget management – did it ! By press release dated June 22, 2017, the fintech which has over 1.3 million users, we announced the integration free accounts pro, and custom in a same interface with the ability to juggle in only a second in between each one ! It does definitely not progress…

LinxoPasser of his pro account to his personal account in 1 second : what good is it ?

Bruno Van Haetsdaele, co-founder of Linxo explains what has pushed Linxo to develop this application “all-in-one” : “We started from a simple observation reassembled by our users : all of our business customers are also private customers. However, they think to pay often more expensive professional services that they consider less good than when they are customer specific. A solution to aggregation of bank accounts professional can cost up to 100€/year ! “

1 advantage of the app Linxo : it is free ! The artisans, traders, liberal professions and micro-entrepreneurs can now manage their business account just as simply as their personal budget ” and this, within a single interface. Without having to spend a single copeck.

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In addition, the new “Groups” feature provides professionals and VSES the opportunity to follow “separately and singly” each of their accounts without mixing them.

The service forecast Linxo to better manage its cash

The “need for timeliness and visibility of cash requested by the TPE and professionals” is also an answer in the service estimate of Linxo. Already available on the accounts personally, this service enables you to anticipate – emphasizes the fintech – the balance of the account on the 30 days in the future by analyzing the movements recurring, and thus to prevent professional any bad surprise.

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“In developing this unique interface, bringing together the business accounts and personal and allowing you to switch from one to the other, Linxo meets an essential need in the entrepreneurial landscape French. According to the studies 2016 of the Directorate-General for Enterprise and ACOSS (national Fund of the Network of URSSAF), the territory has more than three million craftsmen, the professions and micro-enterprises in France. In addition, 554, 000 new businesses were created in France in 2016 in the commercial sector, according to INSEE, which shows the dynamism of this market. So many new potential users of the new version of the application Linxo, ” concludes the press release.

And you, do you use Linxo for personal use ? Are you satisfied with it ? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment just below the article !

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