Livret DISTINGO to 3.20 % gross + 40 € offered !

The livret Distingo pays your savings to 3.20% for 2 months, until 31 July ! Receive + 40€ !

It goes off and it comes back… to the delight of investors in search of yield ! The Livret DISTINGO, proposed by PSA Bank, serves as the new a subsidised rate to 3.20 % gross for 2 months. Until 31 July inclusive, if you place your savings on this booklet, it is to be paid to 3.20 % ! – And you can trust us – one of the best rates in the market at this time ! As a bonus, PSA Bank offers you 40 € subject to conditions. Focus.

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Characteristics of the Livret DISTINGO

You know as well as we do, the booklets regulated – and in particular the Livret A and the LDD – do almost nothing, 0.75% per annum to be precise.

On the side of the bank books, the Bank of France told us that on April 2017, they have reported 0.31 per cent.

The coup – you will agree – 3,20 % of gross pay, this is clearly the maximum that you can hope for at this time. Moreover, it has made the rounds of offers, promos super booklets, and there was frankly not found a better one that the Livret Distingo. Why ? See for yourself :

  • The remuneration is set at 3.20 % on 2 month
  • The ceiling of the promotional offer is fixed at 75 000 €
  • The standard rate is the rate applied once the past 2 months or once the maximum limit is reached, is 1 % – rates subject to changes

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Like all super booklets, the booklet Distingo is subject to tax on income and social contributions. But even so, your hope of gross earnings is higher that you might get on a booklet ! For example, for 10 000 €, placed on 12 months, the livret Distingo you will pay 137 € gross, compared with 75 € net on a booklet…
How to benefit from the offer ?

Make your money grow with rates boosted the livret Distingo, you need to :

  • Proceed with a first opening prior to July 31, 2017, included
  • Keep your booklet open until December 31, 2017
  • Keep a minimum of 20 000 € amount outstanding on your booklet between the 31 July 2017 and 30 September 2017 included (for the benefit of the premium of 40 € offered)

The premium of 40 € you will then be paid on 31 October 2017 !

  • Click on the button that has been placed there for you and be directly redirected to the website of PSA Bank

You see, it’s that simple ! To pounce on this unique offer at this time, click on the button !

Open a livret DISTINGO

* Offer valid from June 01 to July 31, 2017 are included for any first opening of a savings book DISTINGO.
Rate promotional annual nominal gross of 3.20 % guaranteed for 2 months within the limit of 75 000€ of deposit and subject to the availability of the booklet in the December 31, 2017. Beyond this amount and up to 2 months, the deposits will be remunerated at the nominal rate annual gross 1.00 %, subject to changes. Crude rates are expressed before social charges and tax. The interests are calculated according to the rule of bi-weekly.
Premium of 40€ available for the first time you open a Booklet DISTINGO between 01 June and 31 July 2017 included. The premium will be paid on 31 October 2017, subject to the Booklet is still open and the total assets of the registrant (Booklet and your account(s) term possible(s)) have been continuously of€ 20,000 minimum between the 31 July 2017 and 30 September 2017 included.
Offers cumulative reserved to physical persons, capable, fiscally domiciled in France, subject to receipt and acceptance of the subscription file by PSA Bank not later than July 31, 2017, inclusive, in the limit one offer per book and per person.
See all the conditions in the Notice of Pre-contractual Information, the terms and Conditions of the PSA Bank and those of the savings book DISTINGO available on the site



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