Lyf Pay : new mobile payment solution

When the electronic wallet Fivory – launched by Crédit Mutuel-CIC – meets-other e-wallet Wa! – worn by BNP Paribas and Carrefour, it makes Lyf Pay ! This new solution, universal mobile payment – resulting from the merger of Fivory and Wa! – had been announced as early as October 2016. It will be deployed in the whole of France on 18 may. Focus.

Lyf PayLyf Pay before being ?

The spirits of the most critical will be in Lyf Pay yet another mobile payment solution. But, according to the bearers of the solution – BNP Paribas, Crédit Mutuel, Auchan, MasterCard, money market, Total, and Carrefour – Lyf Pay is much more than that.

This “app innovative mobile payment, multi-services and secure, in the service of the customer relationship,” responds both to the needs of traders and consumers in their daily lives, ” says BNP Paribas in its press release.

Concretely, Lyf Pay – the output of which is scheduled for may 18, 2017 – will be able to :

  • Pay in store using the technology of the QR Code

The press release states that the app is expected to deliver new features ” to better address the propagation of usage “. According to the site it is not excluded that the NFC technology (for setting ” no-touch “) is a part of it.

  • Purchase online
  • Make payments between friends
  • Make donations to associations

Better yet, ” incorporating payment cards, loyalty cards, coupons, [Lyf Pay] nourishes a real proximity with the consumers that it accompanies, providing them with the news of their stores favorite, offers which they can avail and information relating to their expenditure “, said the release.

@Fivory & Wa! become… Lyf to Pay the payment today ! #fivory #Wa #lyfpay #fusion #paiementmobile

— Fivory (@Fivory) may 10, 2017

How it works Lyf Pay ?

To use Lyf Pay, it is rather simple. You just need to :

  • Download the app on Google Play or the App Store
  • Identify
  • It provides information to its payment information

To pay in store with Lyf Pay, this is not more complicated. It should be :

  • Open the app for a QR Code is generated automatically
  • This QR Code is then scanned by the merchant for the amount to be paid can be displayed
  • Then you confirm your payment by entering your password or by putting your finger on the fingerprint sensor of your smartphone

The holders of the app My Auchan and Carrefour and I don’t need to download the app Lyf Pay. The payment functionality will be directly integrated to these 2 apps, continues
Lyf Pay : an app that is usable by all and is compatible with all smartphones

The major advantage of the solution Lyf Pay it is that it is universal. In other words, the app can be installed on any type of smartphone “. It should not be a client of BNP Paribas or of Crédit Mutuel to use it !

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Finally, “the membership and the support of a number of retailers including Auchan Retail France and Total, many independent merchants and partners, particularly in the areas of event management and the various associations (cultural, sports, charity, student)” could make this mobile payment solution essential… or not. It, only consumers tell you ! But in the meantime, Apple Pay only has to hold !

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