Magnificia Investment, give meaning to your investments

Giving new LIFE to homes marked with the seal of the French history, and little by little, stranded or abandoned, such is the new profession Magnificia Investment

Our motto is : France is rich with a unique heritage that the world envies us.

The world of finance is becoming each day more opaque in the face of an economy itself well out of control. In this context, our seniors often remain in limbo for projecting into the future that they dread the uncertainty, all the more that economic cycles exhibit a chronicity and amplitudes are random.
The words virtualization, dematerialization, are gradually gaining all sectors and to disturb our apprehension of the future.
We are all in search of meaning. Against the current, Magnificia Investment has decided to invest exclusively in the stone of history and French culture. We invest with conviction in an area that is little sensitive to crises, that of the collective memory, of our past. Our history, our culture and our landscapes were, are and always will be admired and envied everywhere in the world, a guarantee of security, of serenity.

In this current context, Magnificia investment has opted for the following choices, strong sense :

– We are moving all our investments to the purchase price rebate for homes that bear the traces of history and the French culture, the ones that make the reputation of France beyond the seas. We fouinons the 4 corners of the Ile-de-France to find those who are neglected or deserted, and that it is necessary to rehabilitate.
We restored it with great care, we are resurrected so that they could recover their breath to yesteryear. We put in activities that contemporary-oriented event dedicated to individuals (weddings, parties…) as well as to businesses (seminars, receptions, galas). For these 2 clients are highly complementary, the supplement of soul offered by our homes is proving to be an invaluable advantage for the success of their events, The success of these activities is already waiting for you.

These difficult choices we offer to our clients :
– A sector of investment is very stable, one of our historical and cultural heritage. Indeed, crises have little influence on our history and our culture that is so appreciated, admired and recognized around the world.
– Operating revenues of more regular, less cyclical and less dependent on the socio-economic context.
– An extra soul to your investment plans ! Together, we actively participate in the maintenance of our historical and cultural heritage.

In summary :
MAGNIFICIA Investment manages all stages of the constitution and of the management of a real estate heritage of prestige : Locating properties, securing financing, to acquire walls, restored meticulously and exploit these homes and “returned to life”. The coordination of all of these poles makes it possible to control the value chain from A to Z and secure the income of farms and the valuation of the assets acquired.
In addition to the traditional criteria (safety, recovery…) so we offer our customers the opportunity to give meaning to their investments : Serving our heritage, so much appreciated by all.

To this day, MAGNIFICIA investment has been recipient of 4 prestigious houses, all steeped in history. For example :
– The Commanderie de Dormelles (77) : belonged to the templar knights in the 12 r century
– The Pavillon Josephine in Rueil Malmaison (92) : the Empress Josephine lived there over 20 years

Please do not hesitate to visit our website : Magnificia Investment

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