Man fashion : the basics of a casual look on the Côte d’azur

It is a bit the trend of the season gentlemen : a look both glamorous and casual, a certain class with an air of nonchalance that can be found on the entire coast ! So here are a few tips to complete the dressing up the silhouette with a touch of casual.

Shirt slim to refine the look

A Nice and on the French Riviera, we forget the underwears, and t-shirts ! Wearing summer shirts for men, ultra lightweight and comfortable for an outfit sophisticated, but without excess. The best option is the slim models, which fine-tune quickly to the silhouette, and sculpt a better body.We roll up the sleeves to the 7/8th and you can enter the shirt into the pants, but it is not required. For a rebellious flair, raise the neck spices up a bit the look, especially with a hair cut, slightly neglected and a stubble !!

A jersey trendy and colorful for the beach

Of course, we don’t live on the Côte d’azur without a shirt (one or several). And here, too, there is evidence of elegance by opting for models rather short (it is the trend of the season) and colourful. For example, stripes in white and red, a model kingdom sky blue, orange, rust or brown or even taupe, shades of the summer. We forget the patterns and prints too flashy this summer and to have the odds on the coastline, one can even match his tap-dancing in his jersey ! A derivative of the fashionable woman who prefers shoes fun this year…

Sunglasses sober and fine

There is no such year the famous models of sunglasses aviators, it must be remembered, were not really to the whole world. The mode is returned to the smaller models, simple and unadorned. There is a lot of glasses a little bluish, through which one distinguishes the look. The big brands have released collections of fine and elegant, for men and for women, and some designers are innovating with mounts in wood or buffalo horn.

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