Marseille : an increase shy of the price of real estate

In 2017, the price of real estate in Marseille is rising very shy. We have even already seen a downward trend in the month of June until August. The figures are, respectively, +2.1% for the higher and – 2.3% for lower. Despite this, some towns of the region marseille saves still increase significantly. Thus, to invest in Marseille, it is well to pick and choose his property in the ideal location.

The real estate situation in Marseille : zoom in on the different boroughs

In Marseille, the price of real estate is experiencing an increase of 7 % in 1/3 of its boroughs. And even if this increase is generally shy, some districts are marked by a sharp rise.

It is, in particular, of the Eighth with an increase of 7 % (The Goudes, The Beach), Xe with an increase of 7.7 % (The Capelette, Pont-de-Vivaux), Life with an increase of 8.7 % (Castellane Vauban), Seventh, with an increase of 8.9 % (Bompard, Endoume) and Eleventh with an increase of 10.3 % (The Accates, The Valbarelle).

Where to invest in real estate in Marseille ?

In the Face of the diversity of the higher prices in Marseille, it is necessary to choose the good, but especially the place to invest to take maximum advantage of his investment. Thus, to make an acquisition at the best price in Marseille, it is advisable to buy from the Fifteenth-century marseille. In this borough, prices are at the lowest, being less than 2 000 € / m2. If you have a budget quite limited in the acquisition of your property, it is the strategic place. However, if you have the budget to do this, you can always buy it in the Seventh, and Eighth in marseille where the prices are the highest with 3 886 and 3 851 € / m2 respectively.

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