Max du Crédit Mutuel, the app that democratizes personal assistant

Do you dream of having a personal assistant ? An advisor who not only helps you to manage your accounts but also alerts you when your favorite band gives a concert near you ? And of course, you dream that it is available every day, 24h/24 ? Wake up ! This will soon not be a dream. On September 1, 2017, the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa to launch Max, an application designed as a personal assistant. It will be free and accessible to all, including those who are not customers of the Crédit Mutuel. That will ? Details of features.

Crédit Mutuel Arkéa – banking group that consists of Crédit Mutuel Bretagne, South-West and Massif Central – love start-ups ! Younited Credit, Yomoni, Leetchi or Grisbee, he has invested in all these young shoots.

But after having multiplied the partnerships, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa launched his own fintech : «Max» a personal assistant 2.0 which includes lots of very practical features. The proof !

Save time AND money with max : the 1 personal assistant 100% mobile ! ????Book-the on

— max (@aumaxpourmoi) 29 may 2017

Max, a mix between a tool of management and budget and a bank account

Max, it is first of all a wizard’s bank daily. It includes a management tool budget. You know, this very handy tool that allows you to have a follow-up, with supporting graphics, of your bank accounts and savings.

Max, it is also an aggregator of accounts. Result, regardless of the banks in which you have opened accounts, they will all be supported by the application. Top for overall monitoring of finance, but not unheard of ! Among the traditional banks, the apps of the Société Générale, Crédit du Nord, or of the Banques Populaires and the Caisses d’epargne also incorporate the function of aggregation of accounts

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This is totally unheard of, it is the ability to choose the account you want to debit. Max allows you to gather all your bank cards into a single one. Perfect if you are multibancarisés ! You will no longer need to go out with all of your CB. After that, ignoring for the moment how the Max card will work. At the checkout you can choose the account that will be debited ? Or then it is necessary to select upstream ? Mystery. The terms of use are not specified in the press release announcing the launch of the Max… We will keep you informed when we’ll know more.

The Credit Mutuel is one of the only banks to offer an insurance loss or theft of means of payment to cover the CB and checkbooks, subscribed by the Crédit Mutuel, but also in other banking institutions.
Max, the assistant who anticipates your needs

The application also includes a concierge service. You need a nanny ? You want to organize an event or a trip ? Max will be able to help you. It will find for you the services and offers relevant.

Result, with Max, the concierge services are growing in popularity. They are not any more reserved for customers with cards of prestige as the World Elite MasterCard or the Visa Infinite or to those holding an American Express.

Finally, the banking application requires, for Max, of course, is a financial advisor. According to your profile, you will make personalized suggestions. For example, if you hold a real estate loan and the current interest rates are low, Max you will propose to renegotiate the terms of your loan. Your Booklet is overflowing ? Max will offer you alternative investments such as life insurance.

But the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa promises : Max will be impartial, the objective is not to encourage the user to subscribe to the in-house products. «Thus, an application for automobile insurance or credit may come from a competitor of the group Crédit Mutuel Arkéa if it appears to be the most adapted to the needs of the client. «says the bank.

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You want to test Max ? You’re right ! We also, this offer intrigues us. But it’s no use, you rush on the App Store or on Google Play – however it is not known what, if OS Max will be compatible – the app is not yet available. For the moment, you can only » book «. The app will be downloadable from 1 September 2017, in its original version. Then, on October 1st, the offer will be extended at the bank account and the card. Still a little patience !

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