Money Friends : the app that facilitates the accounts between friends

Guessing game ! Louis, Lucy, Axel and Sophie leave all four on the weekend. Sophie is busy to book the gite for a total of 250 €. Louis was in charge of doing the shopping. He has spent 220 €. It is Lucy who has led this little world : she paid $ 50 in tolls and € 69 in gasoline. How much should Lucy, Sophie ? Not so obvious ! Fortunately, there are now applications that facilitate the accounts and the reimbursements between friends : Tricount, Splitwise, Cashsender, Friendcash, good accounts of BNP Paribas, or even Piggy. Here is a brand new : Money Friends. This is an app developed by the people’s Bank but accessible to all – even if you’re not a customer of the bank. What is it worth ? Focus.


Money Friends facilitates the exchange of money with friends. It allows you to record all your expenses, balancing the amounts paid and reimburse you. How does the app ? It has downloaded and tested just for you ????

#MoneyFriends : 1st #app bank that manages the balance and the payment of the expenses shared. The application is open to all ! ????

— People’s bank (@BanquePopulaire) July 3, 2017

How to install Money Friends ?

To use Money Friends, must begin by downloading the app on your smartphone. Go to Google Play or the App Store ! Money Friends is compatible with smartphones running Android and the iPhone.

Once the app is installed, you are prompted to enter your e-mail address. It is on this address you will immediately receive an activation code to enter on Money Friends.

Then, you must create your profile (username, e-mail address – it is already pre-populated and postal code). And here it is ! It took us 3 minutes ! Then, you can use the application !

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How the application works ?

First step, you must create a group. To do this, enter the e-mail addresses of your friends. Then you define the name and the purpose of this group : to organize a birthday or anniversary, prepare your holidays, rent a car, etc.

Then you add all the expenses : your own expenses but also those of your friends if they do not have the ability to do it themselves.

You can change the allocation of expenses. If you want to pay 60 % of the grade it’s possible !

Once everything is recorded, it remains for you to ” seek the balance “. The application instantly calculates what each needs and which.

For reimbursement, you are obligated to create an account Izly – app mobile payment Crous for students (developed by the group Banque Populaire Caisse d’epargne or BPCE) – or an account S-money – the app to pay and transfer money with their mobile phone that belongs to BPCE .

A novelty ?

Not really, Money Friends is not the only app for managing your accounts between friends. Side bank, BNP Paribas offers an app that is similar called ” The good accounts of BNP Paribas “. As Money Friends, it allows you to list the common expenses and to know who needs what and to whom.

Side actors, non-bank, there are also a lot of apps available : Tricount, Splitwise, Cashspender, Friendcash, Tricount, Piggy etc, Without forgetting the application of payments between individuals – such as Lydia or Pumpkin – that also help to repay his relatives.

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Diagnosis banknote

Money Friends is a good app, simple to use and free ! It allows you to make accounts and pay for themselves. Practice of having these two functions combined !

When to use it ? The people’s Bank this primarily as a tool to carry out a joint gift or manage a vacation between friends. But, in our sense, it may have other uses most everyday. For example, Money, Friends may allow roommates to easily manage their common expenses – a bit like the app Ze-Roommate’s but less complete.

Flat, a shame that for the refund it is obliged to pass by S-money, or Izly. It would have been more convenient to go directly to his RIB in Money Friends…

And you, the application you are interested in ? You use other applications to manage your expenses ?

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