More income requirements to get a VISA First at monabanq.

Small adjustment in the supply of monabanq., the online bank of the Crédit Mutuel group – CIC : now the top card VISA First is offered to all its customers, regardless of their incomes. A high-end card for everyone, and more for the CSP+ ? Yes, but compared to 3€ per month additional : the CB is payable at monabanq.

Monabanq. boasts of being the first online bank to offer the Visa card First without conditions of income. It is rather true… but we can still specify that :

  • This is not a free gift. The map of upper range is charged 3 € per month or 36€/year more on your banking fees
  • ING Direct offers a CB for range, identical to all of its customers (regardless of income)… but it is a Gold Mastercard and not a VISA First. It is especially the mark of the map that changes, the more services that are related to it that remain overall identical

That said, a CB, top of the range 60€/year (the price at monabanq. therefore) it is still almost 2 times less than the average of the conventional banks. A good deal ?

Loïc Bérenguier, director of marketing and communications at monabanq. thus declared : «With the Visa Premier card without conditions of income, we are delivering on our promise of» people before money «. With this offer, monabanq. frees its customers from the constraints offering, all and without income requirement, a Visa card First. We believe in a relationship of confidence strong with a quality service at a fair price, and above all to the most righteous.»

What is a credit card premium (VISA premier – Gold-Mastercard) ?

  • Capacity of payment and withdrawal increased
  • Insurance extended (travel, repatriation, hospitalization, lawsuits abroad…)
  • Good plans, preferential prices on a selection of services



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