Nalo Heritage : life insurance online-mode artificial intelligence

You know may already be WeSave or Yomoni ? These robo-advisor, specialized in automated management of your heritage… well find out now Nalo – «artificial intelligence in the service of your heritage» – the launch of which is imminent ! The programme of the festivities, a life-insurance contract – Nalo Heritage – to invest in index funds in shares and bonds of companies. Focus.

NaloNalo that is what it is ?

The site is still under construction but you can already go there to get information on the future supply and prices. In addition, you can also sign up on the waiting list right now – but we’ll come back to below.

Like WeSave or Yomoni, Nalo offers an investment service in an automated way. The platform allows you to complete your project, and your financial situation before you issue personalised advice.

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  • Step 1 : the robot-adviser assesses your ability to risk submitting 2 investment options dummy for an investment of X euros (amount that you determine) over 10 years. In this simulation, each of the options is to report the gains and losses potential.
  • 2nd step : you have the ability to adjust the level of risk – lowering it or raising it. The gains and losses potential adapt automatically.
  • Step 3 : you answer a small Quiz to check the level of your financial knowledge
  • 4th step : Nalo will then calculate your investor profile and your asset allocations to suit your project. The platform recommends that you invest in the life insurance contract Nalo Heritage
  • 5th step : you are invited to register on the waiting list

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Nalo Heritage : a contract insured by Generali Life

Starting with a first payment of 5 000 €, you can have access to the contract of life insurance multi-support Nalo Heritage – insured by Generali Life. This contract allows you to invest in index funds (ETFS or Trackers) at a reduced fee – promises Nalo – and funds -€.

Funds € in question are likely to be the fund Eurossima and Netissima – dominant estate – of Generali. As a reminder, the fund Netissima has used a rate of return of 2.65 % as of 2016.

Thus, by means of :

  • 0.85% management fee on the fund € units of account (UA)
  • + 0.55% of additional costs for index funds
  • + 0,25 %/year on average a management fee to own the media index

A total of 1.65 %, the doors of the contract Nalo Heritage are open for you.

No entrance fees or costs of arbitration, the contract Nalo Heritage, there would be a charge » among the lowest in the market «, promises on the site.

Compared to the bank – online and traditional – the difference of costs is abysmal :

But, compared to its competitors Yomoni or WeSave, Nalo Heritage is not the least expensive. Instead, look at :

Management fees (fund and € CPU) 0,60 % 0,60 % 0,85% management Fee index funds, 0,20 % 0,30 % 0,55% management Fee under a mandate 0,70 % 0,70 % 0,25 % Total 1,50 % 1,60 % 1,65 % /* Here you can add custom CSS for the current table */ /* Lean more about CSS: */ /* To prevent the use of styles to other tables use «#supsystic-table-347» as a basis selector for example: #supsystic-table-347 { … } #supsystic-table-347 tbody { … } #supsystic-table-347 tbody tr { … } */

Rates a chouia more high which can be explained by the extent of the assistance provided by Nalo to investors. In addition to the custom boards according to the status of the property and the project, Nalo gives the possibility » to create and feed multiple financial projects simultaneously and provides a proposal for allocation to each of the projects.

Finally, the platform allows investors with 250 000 € of savings entrusted to them, access to a private adviser » to coach you for free in all your efforts heritage «.

According to an Ipsos survey for published June 1, 2017, only 1 % of the French people entrust the management of their life insurance policy to a robot… And you ?

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