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Orange Bank still postponed

The reason cited for this umpteenth report – originally, Orange Bank had to launch at the same time that the law Macron on the mobility bank is in February, and then in the spring, and then the 06 July – would be linked to difficulties in ” the customer experience “. The site we […]

500 000 French do not have a bank account

In France, nearly 3 million individuals have financial difficulties. Such is the assessment made by the Bank of France’s Observatory of banking inclusion, published on 26 June 2017. Among them, 500 000 people simply do not have a bank account. And this, in spite of the right to an account. What’s the solution ? Living […]

CB : farewell secret code, hello fingerprint !

It may well be that as soon as 2018, the secret code 4-digits – needed to complete a transaction by credit card – to be replaced by the reading of your fingerprint ! This innovation is signed OT-Morpho – the French specialist in the identification and digital security – and has been presented at the […]

Young : banks + economic

When one is young (22 years old), the absence of regular income, that it was rarely the valiant penny. Suddenly, every euro counts ! The bank account and the costs that it implies – normal operations, incidents, payment, or operations outside the euro zone – can quickly prove to be expensive and we lose money. […]