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A few concerns about the new law Pinel

The government has announced an extension of the law Pinel, investors have therefore been pleased to see the arrival of this measure. However, a bad news is waiting for you because of the taut areas that will be preferred. This will greatly reduce the opportunities in terms of investment. The percentages positive of the law […]

The French say goodbye to the fidelity bank

If before, having a single bank for the management of its assets and its loan was the norm. Today, the situation has changed. Just for the domiciliation of the financial assets, individuals have recourse to two different schools. And the law on banking mobility, does not help things. Now, the fidelity bank belongs to the […]

Increase of rates of the banks in 2018

In Europe, the number of banks is growing, new schools settle a little everywhere, the new services do not fail to attract more customers. The banks lines open its doors with new amenities. Despite this, the traditional banks decided always to increase some of their costs of operation in 2018. This is especially the account […]

How to make a success of your move ?

Despite the fact that it seems so simple, moving is easier said than done. It’s all a matter of organization. And for a successful moving project, it is necessary to take the time to prepare everything. Failing that, you may lose business, precious objects and even damage some of the. It should not be forgotten […]