Nice : a smuggler Italian has been sentenced to 8 months farm

This Thursday, at the exit of the motorway at Menton, a driver was spotted by police carrying two passengers. After processes of excavation, these individuals had no paper to be able to enter in the Hex. Immediately, the man at the wheel was an Italian 26-year-old Gennaro, was arrested. Is it a sampler or worse still any traffic ? The case is already in the hands of the criminal court of Nice. And, it seems that Gennaro would scour a sentence of 8 months firm with a mandate to deposit.

An attempt of migration is doomed to failure

The arrest of an Italian national was held in Menton on the border in nice. A young neapolitan 26-year-old has led two other individuals of different nationalities tunisian and algerian undocumented migrants.

The Italian is named Gennaro. Last Thursday, especially to 22: 30, the driver tried to enter the French territory with its people. Thanks to the control by road authorities in the sector, the three men have not been able to execute their intentions. According to the driver, all he did was carry the two individuals ignorant of their irregularities. However, he was immediately imprisoned and taken before the criminal court of Nice.

The decision of the criminal court of Nice

During the investigation of the three men, it seems that Gennaro had to enter in France from 150 € of charges, each according to the migrants. Even more serious, the prosecutor Caroline Chassain, had a other information about the Italian. It has indeed a connection with the mafia of naples which would be involved in the trafficking of human beings. This does not seem a good news for the young man. The public prosecutor has decided to him serving a sentence of 8 months ‘ imprisonment with warrant of committal. He was found guilty for having tried to bring these individuals in the Hexagon.

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