Nice : A water fountain flat has just been installed in the city

In the Face of various cases of fires that recently took place in Nice, the city has need to cool off for a change of ideas. Well, it is now a done thing ! A water fountain flat has just been installed in the city by the service team. And still more, the users will not have only flat water, it is possible to drink the sparkling water, fresh or tempered. This fountain is on the promenade du Paillon.

An initiative that has materialized there one day

If some see it as a consolation prize after the devastation caused by the fires of successive near the town, others prefer to see the practical side of the initiative. In fact, on Wednesday, the service team, nice has implemented a water fountain, flat, or sparkling on the promenade du Paillon. Now, Nice people can quench their thirst at a mirror of water of the place, a few meters from the Tourist office. The news is rather good because it is a first in the city.

A useful solution, but temporary in the city

Is available to users non-stop, this water fountain operates automatically, and has a capacity to distribute 3,000 liters per day to the maximum. The initiative has been especially thought to avoid wasting the water in plastic bottles and reduce waste in the city. In addition, why buy water in large area, while a water dispenser free of charge exists in the corner ?

But unfortunately, this solution will not be present only temporarily in the city. In fact, Christian Estrosi, mayor of the city, has requested that this installation lasted only four months.

Fyi, the water cooler draws its resources from the network of public water Azure Water and the electricity network. Moreover, it is through the marriage of CO2 gas with water cooled, one obtains the sparkling water.

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