Nice – apartment : the Association Face 06 offers a boon to students

In the Face of a significant rise in the price of rental accommodation for students in France, these young scholars will have the obligation to pay on average € 600 euros per month. This situation is a little complicated for them with an increase in usually the cost of the new school year as well as in everyday life. In fact, for this new academic year, students should equip themselves with a sum of 2500 euros for various expenses. Fortunately, the student Association of the Côte d’azur in the Face 06 has put in place a system that is less expensive including a housing solidarity at a reduced price.

Increase in the cost of student accommodation in Nice

Almost everywhere in France, the increase in the price of life in general, especially for students began to make itself felt, according to analyses conducted by the Fage. For the preparation of this new season, they will have to pay more than 2500 euros, especially those who settled in the French Riviera. It is a city with a tourist vocation, in which the apartments are very expensive. In fact, these young academics will be required to pay a monthly rent of 600 euros on average, including students from the first year who are no longer living with his parents.

Very good news ! The Association of students ’06, launched the” Plan Apparté “. It is a housing solidarity particularly put in place to alleviate the expense of the students. It’s not going to cost you on a monthly basis as 350 euros maximum.

Point on the “Plan Apparté” of the Association in the Face 06

Designed to help students, Face-06 has put into service six apartments that can accommodate a few young academics. Virtually, the accommodation, measuring 30 m2 each one, consists of five individual apartments as well as a roommate. Of course, there are actually criteria to be able to benefit from such a windfall. This housing supportive and social is located in avenue Cyrille Besset in the city centre.

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