Nice : E-Concierge is revolutionizing the stays of tourists in the capital of the côte d’azur

After a few tests in the month of June last, the new mobile application of the airport of Nice «E-Concierge» will be available for everyone, from the 10th of October. It is a personal assistant hybrid for tourists and, in particular, to the nice. In fact, this application aims to facilitate the stays of travellers from their point of departure until its arrival in the côte d’azur and even some details such as the hotel room. In addition, it is made to meet all your needs 24 hours on 24 and 7 days on 7.

E-Concierge : the concept in question

Good news ! Since always, the Nice airport has sought the best way to satisfy its customers. It is thanks to this that the establishment of a permanent assistance is born to accompany travelers everywhere. In fact, it is a mobile application available on Android and IOS.

His realization. After you have approved its efficiency through test on an application that is Wiidii last June, it is from this point that the application of the airport of Nice was finally adopted. This is the E-Concierge, a mobile app hybrid that is functional from the 10th of October.

E-Concierge : a few features of the application

The E-Concierge is a mobile application multi-lingual. It has three different languages to give more comfort and more ease to the travelers. Of course, the French part of this app, but also English. Among others, tourists, asians will have their part in particular, the chinese.

Hybrid Application ! This is based on the fact that the application is animated not only by the artificial intelligence for automated responses, but also it requires the intervention of a human operator to provide the personalized responses. Finally, the E-Concierge is marketed from eur 4.99. There are formulas that per week, per month or per year depending on the needs of the customer.


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