Nice : Fire Carros, evacuations are underway

The case of fire continue to be Nice, and especially in the municipalities near Nice, after the one in Castagniers, violent flames hit, this time a commune in the north-west of Nice, Carros. The fire began yesterday afternoon in forest and scrub, and still continues to ravage until now. The firefighters are raised on the premises.

An unsafe fire that threatens the homes

The fire which occurred yesterday is one of the most dangerous cases in the last ten years. The mayor of Carros, Alpes-Maritimes, said that because of strong winds, the flames spread very quickly. Homes are now threatened. Evacuations are to quickly consider in order to secure the population. In any case, this connection has been affirmed by the general director of services of the city, Chaouki Kadiri, to the AFP a few hours after the debut of the flames. But Mr. Kadiri has not yet been very accurate compared to the exact size of the need for evacuation.

The current state of the situation of that fire in Carros

Firefighters are still on site to try to stabilize the fire. At present, more than 270 firefighters are mobilised. This team is strengthened by three aerial water bombers and four Canadair according to the departmental Service of fire and rescue services (SDIS). For the moment, the tasks continue, homes are still in danger. And the inhabitants of Nice and about are still on alert status and will take maximum precautions to deal with this disaster. The SDIS states that the fire can reach a house if this continues, but has not yet been clear enough relative to the extent of the damage in the immediate future.

Currently, the weather in Nice is not the most conducive. The winds are swirling, and even the large planes as the carrier A380 from the Emirates have difficulties to land.


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