Nice – hygiene : rats invade the beaches of Nice

It is the disaster in Nice! For a good time, the beaches of Nice have become favourite places for rodents. The hygiene is not at the rendezvous. Tons of food waste have been recognized as well through the rocks in the bins. What seems the cause of this invasion. People have already expressed their feelings of disgust vis-à-vis such a calamity. In addition, the municipal services responsible for hygiene are in the process of taking the necessary measures to put an end to this disaster.

Invasion of rats on the beaches of Nice, the reactions of the people

Amazement, disgust…these are the sensations that some people have had in seeing the rats sneaking up on the beaches of Nice. According to Virgil, a resident who walked around in the area, in particular at the height of the Negresco hotel up to Nice west, hundreds of rodents have clearly invaded the rocks and garbage bins.

Furthermore, another resident of Nice was also expressed in relation to the invasion. According to Philippe, this Sunday, he came out walking between Lenval and Carras, where he met several groups of rats almost every 10 metres. What would be a real danger to the French riviera. The municipal services themselves have explained the reason of such inconvenience due to «quantities of qualified unusual» of waste on the premises.

Nice : the measures taken by the municipal services

For some time, the competent authorities have already put in place measures, such as rodent extermination on the whole sector, including the beaches of Nice. They have taken control of all the public beaches, the arrivals and the sidewalks. But it seems that this is obviously not effective.

Among other things, other measures were also taken to reduce these rodents up to extinction, like the collection of food waste and many others.

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