Nice should provide some efforts to improve its food self-sufficiency

A recent survey has decided to focus on food self-sufficiency several cities of France. Nice is poorly classified since it is found in the 36th place, therefore it will be necessary for the competent authorities to redouble their efforts.

Vegetables from your vegetable garden can be kept in jars

The power supply is a very important point in France, consumers are so many to lean on products that end up in their plate. They perform a sort of drastic, choosing of course the vegetables and fruits the more interesting for their health, especially in driving out of their daily lives all the harmful substances. Some even realize the jars in order to preserve the freshness throughout the year. It is usually very pleasant taste of green beans or tomatoes during the winter especially if you have had the opportunity to pick them up in your garden.

Nice is 36th in the ranking dedicated to food self-sufficiency

The French have, therefore, developed a certain attraction to this culture, but the cities still need to redouble efforts. A recent study shows the rate of food self-sufficiency of the different communes. We learn as well as Angers displays 6.36 % compared to 6.37 % for Nantes and 6.43 % for Valencia. You probably think that these percentages are quite low, they are relatively high. Nice has not had the opportunity to depose with only 2.10 %. With such statistics, it is relegated to the 36th place in this ranking, it must redouble its efforts to optimize the self-sufficiency in food. Yet, it is in the average because it is structured around 2 % according to this same survey, which highlights the disparities existing in France.

97% of French production is exported

All cities are not hoarded in the same fashion, but the authors of this study wish to point the finger operation mode realized by our country. In fact, nearly 98 % of agricultural products are imported, but we still have a farming that is not used wisely. 97 % of our production is exported. Because of this, we could actually use our own products, which should enhance our autonomy in this area, therefore, it is preferable for the competent authorities to change their methodology, which is described as absurd. Consumers should also be educated accordingly.

Nice must find new forms of agriculture

Recent statistics suggest that we spend average of 15.5 euros for the local agricultural products. The French need to go in markets such as that from Nice or Marseille in order to fully discover the flavors of yesteryear. The study also recognizes that the facilities are not always up to the expectations. The major urban areas do not display a similar potential, this is the case for Nice, with 21 % against 7% for Paris and 14 % for Marseille. These municipalities need to consider new strategies in particular to propose forms of agriculture in order to improve the food self-sufficiency is very important for our health.

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