Nice : tourists have been deprived of their property on the beach

In this summer period, numerous acts of banditry took place on the beach in Nice to endanger the safety of beach goers. Some tourists have been victims of volume, In fact, the police authorities have made arrests in the beginning of the week. It is of two men suspected which are Haithem and Mohamed. Their charges went up in the month of July last. But, they have always been on the run offering an opportunity to begin their attacks on the eve of their arrests.

The rate of crime rising in the Côte d’azur

Since the month of July last, several cases of theft with or without aggression have been recorded on the coast of nice. Men or women, offenders do not choose their targets. As soon as they have the opportunity, they go into action. The Wharf of the United States has become the favorite place of these young criminals between 20 and 30 years on average.

If one goes back a bit in the month of July, a few dozen friends have been the victim of vandalism on the Promenade des Anglais. Jeans, wallets, phones…everything has been looted to 3 hours in the morning. And in the space of a few minutes, a similar case occurred despite the presence of fonts on the premises. Then two other young women in Azerbaijan have lost everything in the space of 30 minutes.

The case of Haithem and Mohamed

Arrested this Monday in the Old town of Nice, the two offenders, aged only 23 years and 30 years have plundered tourists on the beach in nice, in addition to flight bags dating from the 18 and 19 July on the Dock of the United States. They have been recognized by their victims. Indeed, one of the phones of the summer visitors was found on Mohamed. But, the attackers have denied these charges before the criminal court of Nice. For this purpose, 4-month prison farms with a mandate of deposit have been inflicted on the two young men.

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