Nice – weevil red : palm trees of the côte d’azur are in dangers

Part of the heritage in the French riviera, the palm trees are now threatened with extinction because of the beetles that destroy them slowly from the inside. Since Monday, the city council of the city of Nice has taken radical measures to put an end to these charençons red. In effect, the local authority is using drones to treat some 6000 palm contaminated. The people who own the trees of the côte d’azur are now invited to call in an expert.

The problem of palm trees in the city of Nice

For a good time, the palm trees of Nice have encountered a serious problem. Of charençons reds have attacked the inside of these trees. This could destroy the entire image of the city. This is especially a major threat to the heritage of the côte d’azur according to Bernard Baudin, councillor of parks and gardens of Nice.

The threat is imminent. There are beautiful and well-20.000 palm trees in Nice as well to individuals as to the public. Already, 1300 of them are located on the Promenade des Anglais. Near 6000 palm trees are already infected by these beetles harmful. In practical terms, these killers of palm trees destroy thoroughly the tree drops its fins. And then, at certain times the tree dies. What would happen if the competent authorities do not take severe measures in the shortest possible time.

The action taken by the city of Nice

The use of drones ! It is the effective way which the town council will use in order to put an end to these beetles. It consists of slope treatments anti-charençons red on the tree in question through the intermediary of the drones. According to the expert botanist of the town hall, Jean-Michel Meuriot, it would be the most natural way possible to eliminate these insects without insecticides. The nice are also called to call on experts to address this scourge.


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