Orange Bank still postponed

The reason cited for this umpteenth report – originally, Orange Bank had to launch at the same time that the law Macron on the mobility bank is in February, and then in the spring, and then the 06 July – would be linked to difficulties in ” the customer experience “. The site we said that the operator “opts[would] rather for a staggered launch “motivated by” incidents in the use of the banking application “. Focus.

Extension of the test phase of the offer Orange Bank

So much to tell you, no date has been given. It just knows that the offer bank Orange Bank will not be deployed in the July 06 – as expected the latest news. A priori, the launch will take place only at the beginning…

1 000 employees were testing this offer since may, and it seems that the test phase is still continued for a little while.

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A 1 distributor of tickets for Orange Bank !

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The idea being to “fine-tune the customer experience” and to avoid a possible bug – necessarily damaging – as soon as the launch. For the sake of the cause and the extension of the tests, 500 more staff will be added to this “panel of testers,” says



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