Our life revolves it about the money ?

Life, happiness, need, pleasure, comfort… here is some of the main words that come to mind of the French, when they are interviewed on the representations related to money. According to the study, “French and money” was conducted online by Harris Interactive for ING Direct at 2 002 compatriots, 75 % of them consider that having more money is better than more time ! So to say that money makes the happiness, there is more than one (small) no…

CollecteBonheur does not pass wealth ?

Even if the money symbolizes first – to the respondents – the security, the idea of happiness does not seem so far away. As well :

  • 44 % of respondents tie the money to security
  • 39 % see it as a way of acting
  • 36 % of the enjoyment of his freedom
  • 27 % of the pleasure
  • 25 % of do what you desire

Against all odds, the money is perceived as the symbol of security and freedom, above all, by the wealthy – that is to say, win 5 000 € and more per month.

The coup – the study says – the level of income dictates the level of satisfaction with his current life :

  • 91 % of people earning up to 5 000 € + per month say they are satisfied with their current life
  • Conversely, 52 % of people earning less than € 1,000 per month are not satisfied with their current lives
  • Result : 82 % of people who earn less than € 1,000 per month would change your life

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Moreover, change of life, it’s what does it mean to the respondents ? Change of life, it means having the opportunity to live, do, from, have, power, or even travel…

And, no surprise, is considered to be particularly timely :

  • The professional promotion with a salary increase to 92 % of the respondents
  • The fact of receiving an inheritance to 90 %
  • The purchase of a dwelling for 84 %

If 43 % of the French are afraid to begin without a net – part, which rises to 52 % among 18-34 year olds – 33 % want to receive personalized support from their bank to initiate a project of personal life. 21 % want the bank to be more flexible as to the conditions for assignments of a loan.

On the amount necessary and sufficient for change of life, there was a consensus : less than 100 000 € it would be…

Our time spent checking what we have ?

To reassure himself, or to get a better view of what is possible to do, the respondents said that they spend a large part of their time in front of the sites and app of the banks. As well :

  • 44 % checked their bank account several times a week for no particular reason
  • 36 % before you make a purchase
  • 30 % every day
  • 26 % in the beginning of the month

Particularly interested in the services and products offered by their banks :

  • 66 % turn to their bank advisor to stay informed
  • 46 % to the web site of the bank
  • 19 % to members of their family
  • 15% reported that the booklets and brochures of the banks
  • 7% on the forums and social networks
  • 6 % their friends…

And you, what is your relationship to money ?

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