Parisian real estate : prices have reached record levels

The capital remains a place that is more than popular in terms of real estate in France. In recent months, it is especially the market of the former, which has been noted. Sales but also the price of the square meter, have experienced large increases in Paris. The large crown of paris was the most affected by this trend.

Higher sales in the old Paris

To make savings in real estate it’s important not to go to Paris. If, on the one hand, we have seen that the rents of the estate were declining in 2017, we learn, on the contrary, that in Paris the records are not far away. Between June and August 2017, the capital city has seen some 53 800 sales in the old reality. This market thus seems very promising. It must be said that the old in this area of the country has something to attract the buyers with high-rise buildings, parisian sought after the facts of mouldings and flooring of solid wood, which give a real cachet to the property.

The great crown raid the setting

To see the rise the most notable of these sales must be made in large crown with approximately 24,000 transactions. This is an increase of over 22% compared to 2016. For those who still have a doubt, what is called “big crown” in Paris what are the departments devices, the compounds of the Val d’oise, Seine-et-Marne, Essonne and Yvelines.

A price per square metre, which will still increase

The result is seen directly on the tariffs. In one year, the price would have increased by 10% according to the notaries of Paris Ile-de-France (source Base), it is what it is ! The square meter in the capital in excess of 9 000 euros, while this summer the average price was 8 890 euros. This rate should not calm down since the m2 in Paris could well surpass the $ 9 200 euros at the end of the year 2017.

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