Private bank : not more than a «normal» with his advisor ?

While one might – reasonably – expect a unique relationship between the customer of a private bank, and its advisor, a recent study conducted by Opinion Way, told us the contrary… In fact, in spite of the need to have a few hundred thousand€ for access, only 17 % of the clients of private banks qualify their relationship with their advisor » very privileged «. Focus.

ConseillerDégradation of the relationship with the advisor, private bank

The fourth edition of the Observatory of private banking, carried out by Opinion Way and Swiss Life, with 144 customers and 207 prospects belonging to the 5 % of French homes of the richest, has what to surprise.

This survey conducted among persons with annual net income greater than or equal to 72 000 € depending on we learned that 57 % of customers feel that their relationship with their advisor is » normal «. No more…

Only 17% of customers would rather have a relationship «very lucky» with their bank advisor, «holding that [it] is close to them and their family,» continues the Agefi.

For so many side leads, the intentions of becoming a client of a private bank in the short term would be in a strong increase : 36 % of the leads deal with it. And for good reason ! The relationship client-banker would be more «idealized by the prospect,» according to the Agefi, which emphasizes that » 29 % of them expect a relationship to be very privileged «. But – face it – they would be 51 % anticipate a » normal relationship «.

However, what pushed the clients to place their assets in this type of establishment – and which should logically persuade non-customers to do so – it is exactly the same :

  • The research councils economic and tax to 56 % of them
  • The research of personalized services (48 %)
  • «Far ahead of the risk-return ratio (26 %)» we said

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A partial trust in the advisor

According to Philippe Le Magueresse – deputy director general of Opinion Way – quoted by l’agefi, » the advisor and inspires confidence but this confidence is not total, and this trend is common to the sector as a whole «.

If only 11% of customers say they » completely trust their advisor «, 65 % of clients report being able to confide in him without hesitation.

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For the authors of the study, this lack of confidence would be related to the » negative perception of the clients of the new regulation in matters of prevention of money laundering «.

This new regulation would be imposed on these customers to provide » evidence from certain thresholds «. A regulation that the customers deem to be mostly useless (67 %) and binding (60 %).

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