PSA group : a new vehicle from DS Car will come out in 2018, the DS7 Crossback

Become a premium brand full-fledged from 2014, DS Car is on the verge of launching the DS7 Crossback on the automobile market in the beginning of the year 2018. And, despite a slight decline in its sales in the first half. If one remembers well, during the inauguration of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, this high-end car served as the presidential car on the Champs-Elysées. A model of the DS7 has carried high the banner habs. It is this same perspective that the director of the brand, Yves Bonnefont and Arnaud Ribault has revised the best strategy to deploy the new design of the DS.

DS7 Crossback : new design of the brand DS

A premium brand ! It is the very foundation of the new design of the brand DS Car after it has become independent of marks the French car manufacturer PSA.

The brand was created by Yves Bonnefont, the director, in order to bring a new touch of French luxury to the vehicle. And so it is that DS7 Crossback is born. Today, even if the path is fraught with obstacles, the creators of the brand always keep the morale high without lowering the arms. Thus, the arrival of this new car DS Motor marks a great step forward, even if it will not be a concession as to the beginning of the next year.

DS7 Crossback : the tools put in place for the promotion of the brand

When one speaks of the DS Motor, we always tend to think of directly in luxury. And this is indeed the case. In fact, the mark put on the leather-like material. There are even series that have been specially dedicated to present the quality in traditional craft-based leather well made. This material is present in all his creations, and the last out is no exception to this rule. In the Face of large German companies, DS wins a place of choice, despite its young age, thanks to this specificity.
But apart from the quality of the material, the brand also wants to focus on the creation of a new network. In effect, the director Yves Bonnefont has already announced at the last Geneva motor show towards the end of the first half of 2018, DS will no longer be sold by the Citroën network. The reason is that the brand wants to be independent and take charge itself of its own distribution. The idea is to be able to give more value to the customer. Today, thanks to the tandem Bonnefond-Ribault the deployment of this new network has been accelerated. If currently, we already have 225 points of sale DS, this figure will double by the end of the year.

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