Qonto becoming the preferred bank for SMES

A little over 1 year after its creation, the neo-bank Qonto which offers accounts for small businesses – has just raised 10 million euros from Alven Capital and Valar Ventures, the two giants of venture capital. Awesome ! It is the double that had managed to harvest in the fall of 2016 Anytime – its main competitor. This money will allow Qonto develop new services with extremely high performance ! Services that could well do the Qonto the neo-bank darling of entrepreneurs. Explanations.

Professional account QontoJusqu’now, Qonto was accessible in beta version, understand in the test version ! Well, since today, July 3, the pro account Qonto is officially launched !
What is Qonto ?

You may be familiar with Anytime ? Well, just as the neo-bank, Qonto is a start-up, which also offers accounts for professionals cheap ! In fact, while most traditional banks their charge, in general, more than € 200 per year in bank fees, Qonto offers a subscription for € 9 per month, or 108 € per year only !

This subscription includes :

  • A current account with a bank details
  • A MasterCard card
  • 20 SEPA payments per month
  • An application to manage his account (set up notifications, follow its expenditure and revenue) and control their credit card (change the code, activate and deactivate their card). Downside, the app is available on iOS for the moment. The Android version will arrive soon !

Sufficient for small companies ! For comparison, the subscription at Anytime (which also integrates a MasterCard card) costs € 9.50 per month, or 114 € per year. Mission accomplished for Qonto ! His account is, therefore, really economic.

You wish to have an overdraft facility ? In this case, go your way, Qonto not tolerate any found!!!

For larger structures or if you need more services, Qonto proposes to complete its initial package. For example, you can add a card to bank extra (€5 per month) and a virtual card to pay online (2, – € per month). You want to make more transfers ? Qonto invoice the following 0,5 €. As for withdrawals to distributors, they cost 1 €. Payments in foreign currencies, are charged 2 % of the amount of the transaction.

Compare the bank offerings for professionals

You can’t seem to find among the offers for the pros ? Panorabanques puts at your disposal its comparator banks pro to help you make a choice. Credit card, commission movement, commission… Not less than 10 criteria are screened to enable you to find an offer suited to your needs.

I compare

To increase in the range of Qonto

Qonto, it was already not bad ???? well with its recent fundraising, the neo-bank will develop new services. It will, in particular “updater” application ! After LesEchos.fr, Qonto would work on the creation of a personal assistant, able to “make predictions up to several weeks” of the cash. According to the online newspaper, Qonto wants his account/app to become a ” hub ” where companies can integrate and manage the other services that they use : for example to link to Qonto their online collection solutions.

Seduced by Qonto ? Its services correspond to the needs of your company ? If yes, it is the right time to open a new account : the subscription is free the first month ! Try it for yourself ! And tell us what you think of it ?

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