Rate that increases : is it still time for a redemption credit ?

If over a period of months, it has faced a decrease in the rate of real estate credit, currently, the rise is beautiful and well return. A new which can a priori be bad for many investors, but is it really ? The redemption of credit is it more so interesting than it was before ? The answer is no !

Redemption of credit : a transaction is still profitable in the face of rate hikes

Who says rising rates means increase in the appropriation, which indicates that the purchase of credit is not so interesting as this.

That certainely ! This is still probative. Even if the rate of credit to real estate seems to increase in recent months, the banks, for their part, adopt always a rate that remains modest, and this, since the new year.

If you were always in the habit of waiting that the rate is at the lowest in order to contract a new loan, you are not necessarily obliged to follow this trend.

How to make for a profitable operation in the redemption of credit ?

For the profitability of an operation in the redemption of credit, it is necessary to know to take properly. To do this, experts have established three conditions that must be met. First, a 1% difference between the rate of the credit to be repaid, and the rate in the market : this must be filled in to compensate for the different costs that relate to the redemption of credit. Then, the existing loan must be a loan recent, in particular, which is at the maximum in the first three months after its signing : during this phase, the interests are already repaid a major part. Finally, the principal to be repaid shall not be less than 70 000 euros

Whatever it is, it is necessary to count a period of three to five months for a buyback credit to be valid.

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