Rental property : students are now required to pay more !

The figures speak for themselves, the price of the rental apartment or studio for student is increasing in the paris region. In a span of only one year, were recorded increases ranging between 1.21% to Asnières-sur-Seine, and 6,04% in Suresnes for the studios, while for the two pieces, an increase of up to 10,70% was observed at Meudon observatory. The increase is definitely there, which does not play at all in favour of the French students.

Back painful for students

That’s for sure ! This year, the return will be a burden for students. In fact, in addition to the tuition fees, transport, canteen, business and miscellaneous, rent students will increase. This represents a surplus of support for these young academics.

Certainly, the banks, with the support of the State can help financially to successfully complete their course student, but this does not mean that such increases are not negligible. If the past three years, the rents of studios, one and two-pieces have fallen, today this is no longer the case. After a small moment of stability, the increase is substantial.

An increase almost in all the major cities of France

According to the information, this increase is applied in the 42 cities to host French students. In province for example, the rent of studios are rising in 18 of the 26 major cities for students. In this same city, 16 cities have seen an increase in rental prices for both parts. It was at Bordeaux that we encounter the largest increase. It is 11% in the two pieces over a period of one year (August 2016 to August 2017), even if the price of the studios is currently experiencing a slight drop – 0.6 percent. In addition, rents are also spiking in Dijon with +10.9% for studios and 8% for the two parts.

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