Retirement homes : The offers no longer follow the needs

In France, more and more families decide to place the dependent and elderly in a retirement home. It is more convenient for them, and makes their life easier. And yet, in the face of the increasing number of requests for membership in a retirement home, the expenses of these last are becoming more and more important. The caregivers and the care team are no longer able to follow.

The number of staff is not

Caregivers, nurses, and cooks who work in retirement homes say that they lead a lifestyle of 100 at a time.

The pace becomes tougher. The staff shortage, and this may have a heavy consequence for these centres for the elderly. Nearly all the establishments in france are concerned by the situation. The senior, who normally should benefit from a good quality assistance with these types of accommodation, may soon have trouble finding the service they need.

Some retirement homes suffer more than others

If the situation is almost general for the retirement home, there are some who suffer more than the others. In fact, even if the parliament advocates the equality between public and private institutions. These are much more expensive than the first. They are able to fund more staff to meet the needs of dependent persons. Thus, the deficiency is felt mainly in retirement homes, public. According to a private investigation carried out among a French public establishment, only two nurses take care of twenty residents. The pace is drastic, as they only have a few hours to take care of everything, including their meals, make their toilet, to dress them up, clean their room, etc, In principle, they spend only 6 minutes per room.

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