Right to an account : all the eligible european !

Since June 23, 2017, the right to an account is a european law ! It means that any person of French nationality or not, resident or not in France, can receive an account and basic banking services free of charge. Focus.


Since 1984, have a current account is a right of the people living in France and French living abroad. Since the 23rd of June, this right – as detailed in article L. 312-1 of the French monetary and financial code – applies to all individuals who reside in a member state of the european Union, whatever it is.

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Right to an account : the list of benefits included evolves

As a reminder, the right to an account is a device that enables people who had been refused the opening of an account to have a deposit account with essential banking services.

So far, 12 banking products and services were included. But, since June 23, the 2 bank checks per month are not necessarily provided free of charge. The other change, the credit card was granted is no longer necessarily map to a permission. It may, therefore, also be an international credit card debit.

The result, here are the benefits included in the right to an account :

  • Opening, holding and closing the account
  • One change of address per year
  • The issue at the request of bank details
  • The direct debit bank transfers
  • The sending of a monthly statement of transactions performed on the account
  • The cashing of cheques and bank transfers
  • Payments by SEPA direct debit, under inter-bank payment SEPA or bank wire, SEPA, the latter can be done at the ticket office or remote
  • Means of remote consultation of account balance
  • Deposits and cash withdrawals at the counter of the agency that is the custodian of
  • A payment card
  • The performance of cash transactions (cash deposits and cash withdrawals, for example)

For more information on the right to an account : who can benefit ? And how ? You can view the following video. Promised, it is very clear !

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