You want to take advantage of the savings the safest and the most efficient possible ?

The Account at the End of the PSA Bank is today one of the investments of the most attractive market with a cagr gross annual that can reach up to 1.60%(1).

PSA Banque France it is a bank expertise of over 50 years of expertise in banking, and a bank that gives meaning to your savings, the re-injecting it into the real economy.

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The Term Account Distingo PSA Bank is an investment with a fixed rate is guaranteed to be open for the duration of the Account.

You choose the investment period (1, 2, or 3 years), and your savings grow on the account until you reach the rate of interest proposed to the opening.

Unlike the savings Passbook, the interest rate set on the day of the opening is guaranteed until the expiration of the Term Account. By choosing the Term deposit Account, you guard, therefore, against the rate cuts !

Three different terms for three different types of projects :

  • You have projects for long term or prepare for your retirement ?
    • Get a rate actuarial gross yearly 1.60%* for a period of 3 years.
  • You don’t need your funds before 2 years ?
    • Get a rate actuarial annual gross 1.50%* for a period of 2 years.
  • You do not want to place your funds for 1 year ?
    • Benefit from a rate actuarial annual gross 1.25%* for a period of 1 year.

With the Term Account Distingo you have the choice : three rates for the three durations !

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In case of an unforeseen event, don’t worry ! Your savings will remain available at any time. In case of early withdrawal, you will receive an attractive interest rate that you can find on the grid of rates in force at the time of opening the Term deposit Account. Thus, even if you will not be able to benefit from the maximum rate, you’ll enjoy all the same rates attractive.

The security is therefore one of the hallmarks of this investment with funds available at any time and without the risk of loss of capital.

How to open its futures Account ?

You just have to make it on and to open a savings book PSA Bank. Once it is opened you can from your personal Secure Space directly open your Futures Account Distingo.

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You already have a savings book PSA Bank ? Appointment in your personal Space to open your Futures Account !

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So, if you want to compensate for the rate of savings book of more lower, opt for the performance and the security by choosing the Account to run ! Join us on

(1) The rate of the actuarial gross annual Term Account DISTINGO 1 year in effect is 1.25%.
The rate of the actuarial gross annual Term Account DISTINGO 2 years in force is 1,50%.
The rate of the actuarial gross annual Term Account DISTINGO 3 years in force is of 1.60%.

Rate before tax and social security deductions. The Term Account DISTINGO is reserved to any natural person, able, major, and already the holder or co-holder of a savings book DISTINGO.

The conditions, in particular the schedule of rates in case of early withdrawal, are included in the General Conditions of the PSA Bank and the Account term DISTINGO, available on the website

PSA BANK FRANCE, société anonyme au capital de 144.842.528 €, whose registered office is at 9 rue Henri Barbusse 92230 Gennevilliers, france, registered 652 034 638 RCS Nanterre.

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