Supplement his income, the different means available

If to curl your ends of the month is increasingly difficult, imagine what it will be when you have the age to take your pension. So this is the time where ever to look at the problem and find a strategy to complete, as of now, your income. Fortunately, different options are available to you !

Work harder or think of the savings ?

Few know it, but if you do not see a stop to the activity after the age of retirement, you can continue to work. Of course, the amount of your pension will be increased. You can also earn a job at the same time as your pension. It will, however, comply with certain conditions. You will first need to draw a retirement pension at the full rate. If you do a partial retirement, income from your employment should not be higher than those of your last job (or are not expected to exceed 2288.35€). However, if you want to enjoy your free time, it will be necessary to think about saving. At the present time, the quantity of solutions ofinvestment exist. For example, you can invest in the stone as you may want to consider an investment in bonds.

If you have a capital base, buying real estate is the best solution. In fact, your real estate investments, you will be able to derive regular income. Especially if you invest in rental property. If you do not have an amount of savings important, prefer the purchase of securities such as units or shares that will generate income on a regular basis. Attention, because these investments do not have guaranteed results.

Life insurance, an investment that is more secure.

Just as the real estate investments, life insurance offers many advantages. First, you can enter into this contract regardless of your age. Then, you can choose to receive or designate the beneficiaries who will receive the capital. This type of savings could also be eligible for a significant tax benefit. For example, as long as you do not make a withdrawal, the profits from your life insurance are not subject to income tax.

Of course, if you are unable to you decide to an investment in particular, opt for a diversification of your investments. You will have more chances to succeed in your savings because you’ll benefit from the advantages of each of them. Doing so increases also the risks related to the conjecture of economic. Therefore, please do not hesitate to make investments in real estate and to invest in financial assets !

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