Sylvie Tellier has held the Miss for her wedding in the south of France

If some decide to fly under the coconut trees in order to enjoy this union, others prefer to France. They select and the environments most enjoyable, this was the case for Sylvie Tellier, who had set his sights on Porquerolles. The summer is usually a time favourable to the unions, many French will say yes in the weeks to come, rushed in the PACA region with in the suitcases, friends, colleagues as well as members of the family.

The region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur is to focus on for your future wedding

Couples decide to migrate to other countries very happy to say yes. If some choose the warm sand to a foreign country or under the coconut trees, others prefer the heat of France. Of course, it is not always very gratifying to unite in a traditional city, it can be very nice to put down his suitcases in a town resplendent in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur. A professional photographer will capture the ceremony thanks to a real know-how. All the pictures will be as well enhanced by this environment particularly interesting to contemplate.

Sylvie Tellier had met a few Miss on his marriage with his companion

In the south of France, many towns and cities have the particularity of attracting the gaze, this is the case of Saint-Tropez, Nice or Porquerolles. This destination has been selected by Sylvie Tellier, who has taken the decision to unite with its mate. The chair of the committee Miss France was, however, launched a few invitations. Chloé Mortaud, Rachel Legrain-Trapani, or Iris Mittenaere had made the trip to gather alongside Sylvie Tellier who said yes to Laurent. This last has the opportunity to share her daily for almost four years. They have given birth to a little girl who has seen the light of day three years ago. The specialized press in the news has so massively relayed this information and, in particular, the shots of this wedding, as expected.

A honeymoon in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur is possible

This celebration has been the subject of a parade of beautiful young women who had selected their attire with the greatest delicacy in order to fully celebrate this appointment. Moreover, the Miss did not hesitate to share some pictures on social networks that have rapidly been taken over by all internet users. They were able to fully enjoy this show. Sylvie Tellier the president of Miss France for almost a decade, she has had the opportunity to follow the journey of these young women with the greatest attention. They had made the trip to honour this marriage, proposed in one of the regions most resplendent of France. The south is always a preferred destination be it for a wedding or a vacation.

Indeed, the lovers can also enjoy a lovely honeymoon in the south of the country, selecting the cities more interesting. The France reserve sometimes a few surprises enticing that you will fully enjoy this new happiness.

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