#TalentBooster : The Bank Mailing out the big game to seduce young

The Postal Bank is part in the conquest of 16-25 years. To do this, the bank citizen was launched on June 1, 2017 #TalentBooster, offers full banking – current account, savings, and loan – to destination for young people. Objective : «the development of their talents «. That alone ???? And to make you aware of this offer, La Banque Postale has formed a partnership with the M6 Group. Result, media campaign, a cycle of conferences and competitions will be organized to reach the 16-25 years old. Focus.

The bank for young people#TalentBooster : an offer that fits the needs of 16-25 years

Offer the youth suitable products, at a lower cost, to help them to materialize their projects, this is the objective of The Postal Bank with #TalentBooster. This provides for «renewed» and «attractive» consists in particular of :

  • A current account at a low price

16-25 years have the Formula to Account Alliatys or Alliatys More at half the price. It, this is not really new. The young people already had access to this reduction prior to the launch of #TalentBooster.

What is new is the reduction canon given to 16-22 years. During 1 year, they will pay for their current account as € 1 per month or 12 € per year. This reduction applies to the underwriting of the offer Alliatys (or Alliatys More) with a Visa Classic or the Formula to Account Young people 16-17 years of age with a Card Réalys – map to a permission of The Postal Bank.

Alliatys (and Allyatis More) are packaged products and services of The Postal Bank. They include a bank card, the account maintenance fees, insurance, means of payment, sms alerts etc

Really top ! As A comparison, the January 1, 2017, 23-25 years of age pay their package Alliatys with a Visa Classic debit 35,28 € per year.

Compare the banks

#TalentBooster, really economic ? Check it by yourself by comparing free of charge more than 180 banks on Panorabanques.

I compare

  • A Booklet for the Young person paid to 1.65 %

Top when you know that the interest rate of the Booklet A is 0.75 %. Top also when we compare the performance of the Booklet Young of The Postal Bank to other banks : 1.50% for the Caisse d’epargne Ile-de-France, 1 % for Crédit Agricole Ile-de-France.

Some banking institutions are even more generous to the image of BNP Paribas (2 %), Société Générale (2 %) or LCL (1.75 per cent). These returns are valid to 7 June 2017.

  • A student loan to 1 % with the option of a deferred payment at the end of studies

In these conditions, if you take 12 000 € over 48 months, you pay off each month 255,09 € 12 244,32 € in total. Suddenly, your credit does not cost you that 244,32 €. And the more you do not repay your loan at the end of your studies, once you have found a job !

  • Payments free abroad

Outside the euro area, the 16-25 years of age are exempt from commissions on payments. One condition opt for the Prepaid Card of The Postal Bank. In addition, this card is charged 1 € per month or 12 € per year, compared to 15 € per year in average in the other banks selling this type of credit card. Well, yes ! The Postal Bank can also think for young globe-trotters, such as students in Erasmus + for example ????

For all of the services included in #TalentBooster, visit the page dedicated to the offer #TalentBooster on the website of The Postal Bank.
Partnership The Postal Bank – M6 : it’s going to be difficult to move to the side of #TalentBooster !

And, to be sure that no young person magnifying glass #TalentBooster, The Postal Bank account on the M6 Group to relay this offer. An extensive media campaign is organised with, of course, of the TV spots to be broadcast on the group’s channels (M6, W9 and 6ter), but not that. Conferences are also in the program !

Focus on the live interactive

During interactive discussions, the «experts M6» will share their stories, provide advice, brief exchange with the young people !

The program of these lives :

  • «The best advice in real estate» with Stéphane Plaza, the 28 of June in Paris
  • «The business of the kitchen,» with Cyril Lignac, in November 2017, Bordeaux
  • «The business of digital» with the talent Golden Network, in February of 2018 in Lyon

You want to attend the live #TalentBooster ? It is possible ! 108 seats are up for grabs on TalentBooster-evenement.com !

Public connected forces, these events will also be streamed live on the page Facebook of The Postal Bank !

Too bad that these lives are reserved for 18-25 year olds. In bank-note, it would be well gone ????

Now, you know almost everything on #TalentBooster, the new program young of The Postal Bank. So what do you think ? Are you interested ?

Marie-Eve F

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