Talk to Pay : pay with his voice as possible to The Postal Bank !

After 5 years of testing and development, La Banque Postale launches on June 6, 2017, » Talk to Pay «. A service that allows secure payments online through voice authentication. A first in France ! How to use it ? How much does it cost ? Focus.

Online payment

Pay by using his voice, it is now possible ! Finally, for customers of The Postal Bank in their shopping on the internet. The Postal Bank has recently announced the launch of » Talk to Pay «, its service for voice authentication. New !

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Talk to Pay : for who ? For what ?

Talk to Pay is a universal service. All customers of The Postal Bank can use it, regardless of map and regardless of the brand of their mobile phone. Talk to Pay works with any phone.

A service for multi-purpose uses ! Talk to Pay allows you to :

  • To facilitate the payment. No need to leave his card from his wallet, the purchase forms online fill automatically
  • Of secure transactions. At each settlement, Talk to Pay generates a cryptogram single-use to replace that of his bank card. Anything to reduce the risk of phishing !

How does it work ?

Several steps are required before you can pay with Talk to Pay. First of all, you need to :

  • Communicate his phone number to his bank (it in general, it is already done !)
  • Download the app «My Payments» – the service Talk to Pay there is built-in or optional
  • Install on the browser extension Talk to Pay
  • Record a sentence type, including its name, its name and the statement » I identify myself by my voice «

In 10 minutes, normally everything is ready ! Once all this is done, Talk to Pay is ready to be used ! As a result, at the time of pay online, we receive a call inviting us to pronounce the sentence of identification. Once authentication is validated, the extension generates a code for single use and automatically fills in the payment form : the security code but also the number of the credit card and its expiry date. It remains for him to validate the payment !

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A paid feature

Ouch ! But don’t worry, the service Talk to Pay is very affordable ! The Postal Bank offers to 5 € per year for the 18-25 year olds and a 10 € per year for others. As A comparison, the feature cryptogram dynamics of the Company General costs 12 € per year.

So are you interested ? A pity that Talk to Pay is only reserved to the customers of The Postal Bank. And this is not about to change. The Caisse d’epargne and Crédit du Nord – the other two banks who are interested in the authentication by the voice – come to indeed just get the authorization of the Cnil to begin testing. In short, for people who are not clients of The Postal Bank, to pay thanks to his voice is not for tomorrow !

You are in The Postal Bank ? What do you think of Talk to Pay ? Are you going to use ? We’d like your feedback !

Marie-Eve F



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