That is the credit card prepaid Veritas MasterCard ?

You probably know credit cards prepaid. But have you ever heard of the CB Veritas MasterCard ? His trump card, it is linked to an IBAN. You can, therefore, make transfers, pay by standing order as if you had a bank account. You can also make free transfers of money between two cards Veritas. Another advantage is that it is available in the currency of your choice. Perfect to avoid currency exchange fees abroad ! On paper this CB seems to be top ! But what is it in the facts ? That is worth it for example in the face of the actors as the Revolut, the neo-bank that offers a multi-currency account ultra-economical ? ticket bank has conducted the survey.

Prepaid card Veritas : what is it ?

Veritas is a prepaid card of the MasterCard brand. That is to say, a CB that you can recharge by bank transfer, with a credit card or by sms. No risk of being discovered, you can’t spend more than the reserve money on your card.

But Veritas is a little more than a prepaid card standard. When purchasing it, you can choose the base currency of your choice : Euro, us Dollar, Pound Sterling or South African Rand. Handy if you leave some time in a country using one of these currencies. You will not currency exchange fees to pay.

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With your card, Veritas, you can also make transfers of money :

  • Either from card to card. To do this, it is necessary that the recipient also has a prepaid card Veritas
  • Or by bank transfer. And yes, it is a novelty. Recently, the credit card prepaid Veritas is indeed connected to an IBAN. This authentication code is unique and personal, which allows you to send and receive wire transfers

In short, the prepaid card Veritas MasterCard is multi-tasking ! It allows you to :

  • To pay in stores or online
  • Withdraw cash in all atms accepting the CB MasterCard
  • To make money transfers from card to card Veritas
  • Issuing transfers, recurring or occasional
  • To pay by levies

How much is the card Veritas ?

This is where the shoe pinches …

Product / Service Price Prepaid Card Veritas MasterCard 0 € operating Costs € 29.90 a year Reload card via the internet 3,80 % Transfer from card to card Veritas 0 € money Transfer / wire transfer received 2,49 % (min 5 €) money Transfer / wire transfer issued in the SEPA area 2,49 % (min 5 €) money Transfer / wire transfer issued non-SEPA 50 € Payment in France 0 € Payment outside France 0,70 € Withdrawal from the vending machine in box € 2,50 € atm Withdrawal automatic out-of-area € 2 % (min 5 €) exchange Fees 1,99 % /* Here you can add custom CSS for the current table */ /* Lean more about CSS: */ /* To prevent the use of styles to other tables use “#supsystic-table-342” as a basis selector for example: #supsystic-table-342 { … } #supsystic-table-342 tbody { … } #supsystic-table-342 tbody tr { … } */

These data are derived from the general terms and conditions of the credit card terms and conditions available in free access on the site They are valid through may 18, 2017.

The card is available in 3 versions. A ” Basic “. Your card will not be able to house 2 500 € maximum. The withdrawal limit is set at 500 € per day and € 1,000 per year. A formula for “Classic” and a ” VIP “. With they, more of ceiling of annual withdrawal and of the CB to accommodate up to 25 000 €. But, it will be necessary to pay in addition to 29,90€, respectively € 8 and € 50 per year.
The prepaid card Veritas MasterCard is it competitive ?

A reading of this table, we doubt it. The card is certainly free. But each year, the holder must pay 29,90 € costs of operation. Worse, reloading the card Veritas is paid unless there is a transfer of money from another card Veritas. What is adding to the annual bill !

For transfers in box €, the card is not at all competitive. In fact, bank transfers, SEPA, conducted online from an account opened in a bank, are free. With Veritas, you takes 2.49% of the amount transferred… money transfers are free only between card Veritas.

Regarding international transfers, the exchange rate is 1.99 %. There are more economical ! There are Revolut ???? In Revolut, international transfers are free of charge, within the limit of 5 000 €. Beyond that, an exchange commission of 0.5% is applied. In addition to the offering of this neo-bank incorporates a credit card free of charge and there are no operating costs. Withdrawals at atms are free of charge up to 200 € withdrawn per month. Then, a commission of 2 % is applied. An offer less costly, much more simple and transparent !

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In summary, the credit card prepaid Veritas MasterCard may be interesting if you are part of a community using it… so You can make free transfers. If not, go your way and prefer to Revolut, N26 or an online bank such as Boursorama Bank Fortuneo, ING Direct, or BforBank. You will save money !

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