The accelerator that were waiting for the traditional banks

When online banking began to know an impressive surge in 2015 across Europe, but especially in France, the traditional banks have seen a real threat. But, in the beginning of the year 2017, the steam seems to be turning upside down in favor of traditional banks because of two major events.

The redemption of the Nickel by BNP Paribas : the coup de grace

Last summer, the BPCE had bought the bank’s online German Fidor. Since this event, the traditional banks had started of structured actions to regain control over a sector against which they felt helpless until then.

But, the event that convinced the latter, that is the redemption 04 April 2017 to 95% of the shares of the bank in line FNE by BNP Paribas. It has been a great signal to the other traditional banks, which have regained confidence. Now, a large spotlight is placed on actions in the area of Fintech, and some competitors do not hesitate to take the opportunity to highlight.

An opportunity for competitors

Since this purchase, the ads innovation is increasing in the sector of Fintech. While Carrefour has decided to sell a current account from its three thousand points of sale, new payment methods are developed by banking subsidiaries of the Bank Edel, Oney, Leclerc and Auchan. Similarly, Orange has stated that it will launch by the month of may a network of mobile bank.

If these channels take advantage of this opportunity to reposition itself, it is because they hold a certain advantage over online banks : physical points of sale. In one case as in the other, as many conventional banks that this new competition winners of the maneuver.

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