The Booklet Is still and always !

And 2 billion Euros more placed on about the good old booklets regulated in the month of August ! The Booklet Is with its rate of 0.75 % harvest alone, nearly 1.6 billion. But why such a success even in inflation (0.9% expected this year) is higher than the return on the investment ?

Ability to épargneLa recipe for success of the booklet Has is simple :

  • Put less tax

In an environment of tax uncertainty on savings products Livret A and LDD, in spite of their low efficiency are real values refuge. No risk of new taxes or levies contingency on these investments : if government announcements suggests a stability of the rate at the current level, nothing about changes to tax.

  • Add an absence of risk

Fixed rate investment capital is guaranteed… you know what you put and what you win in advance. It is much easier to predict that the gains are net.

  • Take it with a good dose of liquidity :

Liquid investments in excellence, the booklets allow you to arbitrate the most simply of the world between savings and current account. A hole in your budget ? Hop, 2 min after your transfer from the liner to your current account just to compensate for all that. Too much money on your account, you go the opposite way to your booklet just as easily.

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OK, the Booklet Has, it is a good investment. But with a rate that seems to not need to vary over the next 24 months and a return of less than inflation, we must even wonder at a time if it better not to do anything else with your savings :

  • Booklet not regulated : over short periods, 3 to 6 months, you will have yields higher. Even taking taxation into account. At this time the livret Distingo is a great opportunity for example.
  • Life insurance : of course, the product is not as liquid as the liner but on long-term investments, it also has great tax benefits… and yields 2 times higher than the same by investing on the funds in euros only.

In short, in the very short term, think to look at the booklets non-regulated – compare here the best solutions for you. In the medium to long term : keep your life insurance (compare here more than 50 contracts in 3 min). Was 0.75 %, the booklet will not remain always the Star of the investments !



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