The CB new generation of the Company’s General award-winning !

You realize from time-to-time purchases on the internet, and even if you’re not feeling particularly paranoid, have to disclose your credit card data each time you anxiety a little ? To this day, the Société Générale was the only bank in France and probably in the world – to have found the parade as the last of your fears. Developed by Oberthur Technologies, Morpho, this parade is called MOTION CODE™ in its designers and card security code dynamic to the Society in General. Friday 16 June, this CB won the ” Prix Netexplo Change “. Focus.

Card cryptogram dynamiqueC’is what ” the Netexplo Observatory ?

Created in 2007, Netexplo is an independent Observatory that studies the impact of digital on society and businesses. The Observatoire Netexplo award each year the large French companies, which are carriers of an initiative innovative digital.

This year, the credit card cvv dynamics – developed by OT-Morpho, the world leader in technologies of identification and digital security, and only marketed by the Company in General – is a laureate of the ” Prix Netexplo Change “.

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A unique innovation of its kind

Already adopted by 150 000 customers of the Company in General, the card cryptogram dynamic has been launched by the bank 6 months ago barely. Proposed to all its customers holders of a CB Visa for 12 € per year in addition to the contribution CB, this card new generation has the particularity – we said in the press release, the Company’s General – to reassure customers.

And you understand perfectly well, since this solution ” is to replace the 3 digits on the back of the card by a small screen displaying a new dynamic code all the time.” Consequence : if you do hack the data of your credit card, the 3 numbers of the visual cryptogram ” are quickly becoming obsolete, preventing the fraudsters to reuse the data on the sites of e-commerce “.

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“We are very pleased that MOTION CODE™ has received this award,” emphasizes Vincent Mouret, Business Director Europe, Business Financial Services in OT. “Online fraud is increasing rapidly all over the world and thanks to this revolutionary innovation, we help financial institutions and merchants with secure day-to-day transactions.”

And we would be very pleased to see that the other French banks – which test this CB revolutionary since September 2015 – are rushing to the market ! BNP Paribas, Caisse d’epargne, Banque Postale, Banque Populaire and all the others, what do you expect ? It is even willing – to the image of the Company’s customers Overall – to pay for more security. But if it is free, it obviously takes huh ????

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