The choice of binary options broker : essential to know

Also impressive are the gains offered on binary options, it is important not to be tempted by any broker and entrust your investment to a professional. In the midst of the thousands of sites of brokers existing, you must be able to distinguish between the good and the bad, and here’s how to take you there.

Check the existence of the broker

The trading intranet is full of opportunities very tempting, but your life can quickly turn into a nightmare if you entrust your investment to a broker without verifying that it exists.

To do this, you will be able to :

  • Ask for the address of the registered office and go to check on the spot
  • Call the support service in order to perform a verification of existence and competence
  • Request a test on a free account.

If these conditions are effective to avoid scams, however, they are not sufficient.

Check the regularity of the broker

A binary options broker will be deemed to be regular where the regulatory Authority carries out regular checks on the level of professionalization of the latter. This gives you the assurance of 3 things to know :

  • The adherence to good practices of trading by the broker
  • The primacy of the interests of the client in all circumstances
  • The distinction between business funds and your investment, guaranteeing you a full refund in case of bankruptcy of the company

These two conditions, you need to add a 3rd, equally important.

Check the terms of the contract

If the first two steps are enough to put you in confidence, your broker may still you have on the terms of the contract. Generally, the contracts are fairly long and sometimes very technical to mere amateurs.

Also, do study your contract for a specialist who could thoroughly review the contract and extract unfair terms such as :

  • The hidden costs
  • The impossibility of withdrawal or unlocking of bonuses and promotions.

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