The cuisine of Nice : discover a different side to the city !

Nice is a city that has many tourist attractions. But in addition to its activities and its historic monuments, it is also the place of the French gastronomy. The art of cooking is a wealth of nice. In fact, visiting the city, it is possible to taste a variety of dishes, both refined and delicious. The cooking of Nice, it is a mixture between the tradition and the exotic. It is the opportunity to experience multiple flavors and scents.

Nice and gastronomy

Nice and the cuisine, it is a story of tradition. But with recipes revisited, Nice is also the rendezvous of lovers of the exotic taste and the mediterranean. It is a place that spoils you by its varied cuisine. Between the various dishes, sweets and desserts, even the most refined gourmets will find satisfaction. In addition, it is not difficult to make yourself in a good address with a label » Cuisine Nissarde «, that can make you taste some good local dishes.

The dishes that make the reputation of Nice

The famous dishes in Nice are not trivial. We can start with the famous salade nicoise, which is one of the specialties of the city. It is a mixture of cucumber, celery, hard-boiled eggs, green peppers, onions, bunch of radishes and tuna in olive oil. As tasty as it is, this recipe is very famous on the international level, and has even been repeated by the greatest restaurants in the world.

In addition, there is also the socca, which is a culinary specialty of Nice. Made from chickpea flour, this dish presents itself under the aspect of a large and thin pancake in which the cooking is done on huge plates round tinned copper, inside a pizza oven.

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