The dressing room to measure, an asset undeniable to the house

Now, the decoration is a art of living for the French, who no longer hesitate to bring their personal touch in every living room of their house. Trimbalés between brushes, paints, stencils and paper records, the new shopping consumers is carried out for the interior decoration. Everyone dreams of a home a stylish, modern and tidy, where each line pared-down reminiscent of the modernism of the era in which we live. The clothing was also a place of choice in the house, or rather, shall we say, a full piece for the fashion !

Displays tailor-made for clothing pampered

Consumers attach a great importance to fashion and this trend necessarily implies to have several styles and lots of clothes. The dressing brings to couples, the ideal solution to spoil the clothes of the entire family. Shelves, drawers, bins, baskets, rods, sort, and put away the clean laundry becomes a real pleasure thanks to a walk-in closet on measuring the functional uses to perfection all the square meters available to make it an asset to be unquestionable. The creation of the dressing room is being realized today, with the participation of clients who decide for themselves which of the storage compartments and accessories that will be included in their project. The possibility of a dressing Sogal-to-measure, that is, the possibility for customers to obtain a storage uniquely suited to their way of living and their needs.

The configurator, a tool to make the right choice

Manufacturers, very concerned about the satisfaction of their clients, put at their disposal, simulators that guide them to select without error, the style of the dressing room which will be installed in their home. Thanks to a simple and effective tool, customers can view their dressing room before the design. It is a very good way to adapt to the existing piece, a tailor-designed with the right materials and the right colors. The consumer can adjust and fiddle with even the smallest detail in order to obtain a perfect result at the time of installation. A personal touch allows customers to enjoy more of the amenities, because they are unique and made according to their tastes. One way to not get tired, but appreciate the chance to be able to evolve in a practical home, always clean and tidy.

The dressing room is an asset for resale

The storage is a real plus in a home and the fact of having moved into a seating provided for this purpose, will be very appreciated in case of resale of the home. You should know that the development of a dressing room, a kitchen and a bathroom are essential points for the buyers. A house functional that has a lot of storage space, will create a favourite with visitors and will resell more easily, but especially at the best price. Even if this is not an immediate project planned in your life, you need to think about this eventuality.

Choose a professional, for an optimal result

Thanks to the experience of a professional, you’ll be able to optimize to the maximum the available space in your room, making a dressing room. The specialist will review your project with professionalism and will listen to your needs with attention, for a result that meets your expectations. They will advise and bring solutions to every problem encountered, and will show you all the little tricks that allow you to save space in a layout. The number of accessories available for the tailor-made is quite impressive and you do most certainly not aware of anything that can be sold on the market.

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