The French collect accounts in banks

There is not so long, hold multiple bank accounts was reserved to a certain category of the population : the heads of companies to manage their business and the more affluent in particular. But the arrival of the online banks and new banks has revolutionized everything that… Their offers cloud-based and quasi-free for many. Result, now, more than 1 out of 3 French has a number of accounts, according to a study* Fifg for Anytime published on 23 may 2017. Focus.

bank accounts One-third of the French are multibancarisés

The Ifop poll carried out for Anytime we learn that 31 % of French people – or nearly a third of you have multiple accounts… The majority (66 %) choosing to host it in different banks.

Anytime is just part of these new players who offer banking services, to the cloud and low cost ! Its specificity : market to both accounts for individuals and professionals.

Why this craze ? Three main reasons for this :

  • Have more «flexibility» in the means of payment, an argument also cited by 30 % of respondents. Yes, who said several accounts, so-called, often several bank cards, several checkbooks, etc
  • Take advantage of the various advantages of banks (29 %). One thinks in particular here of the premiums of welcome to banks for opening an account. They are the trademark of online banks ????
  • Open an account for their business (11 %). A reason of more logical. For any professional needs to have an account dedicated to its activity. Not necessarily a professional account, auto-entrepreneurs and the liberal professions that can be satisfied with a 2nd account

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And in the future ?

More French should be multibancarisés. 59 % of respondents believe that » the number of people who have multiple current accounts personal will steadily increase in the coming years «.

In question, the act Macron, which «promotes the mobility bank,» explains Damien Dupoy, the founder of Anytime. «Facilitating transactions between banking institutions, the market is energized, and the French are much less deterred by the administrative constraints. «

The act Macron, but not that… The new players will be there for many : Orange Bank, N26, C-zam, Revolut, Nickel, Anytime, and of course the online banking (Boursorama Bank Fortuneo or ING Direct)… These actors 2.0 break the price and fit perfectly to the expectations of new generations of digital native.

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The joint account, the new dada of online players ?

Almost half of French people have a joint account. But it is a loss of speed. Only 28 % of those under 35 years of age opened a, compared with 62 % of over 65 years of age.

And, again, the players in the line stand out… 47 % of French people preferring to again their services. In question, the account opening there is a lot less procedural and more rapid than with banks physical where the two people must move to set the terms, » Damien Dupoy.

And you ? How many accounts do you have ? You are they all useful ? Please do not hesitate to leave us a comment just below this article.

Marie-Eve F

* The survey was conducted online, from 22 to 23 February 2017, with a sample of 1000 people aged 18 years and over. The representativeness of the sample was ensured by the method of quotas (sex, age, profession of the individual) after stratification by region and agglomeration.




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