The French consume more and more beer

She may be a redhead, blonde or brunette, beer is a drink appreciated by the world and Europe in particular. It should be noted that Germany is the land of beer. It thus remains a reference and can be found in the top of the table producers of beer.

However, it is not the country that consumes the most beer because it is other countries are competing for this trophy. Since a few years in France there has been a shift in the consumption of beer. This seems overdone, but this is the reality, the French in 2017 consume more beer than in previous years.

Consumption, sustained growth

Oh, yes, the love of the French for the beer has not dwindled since 2014. There is a constant increase of 3% in the consumption of beer by the French for the last three years. This is the reason why different brewers of beer, smile, and have hope for the future.

The brewer kronenbourg and then recalls the gloom of the beer market during the last thirty years where the consumption of beer in France was down 1% each year.

A variety of beer

One of the elements that contributed to the fact that the French consume more beer is the diversity of the offer. The brewers have relied on the aromatization. Therefore, it is possible today to provide different types of beer :

  • Dark beer
  • Amber beer
  • Blonde beer

It is also possible to have your mug of beer with the aroma of your choice. Beer has become in few years one of the drinks the most popular of the French. This increase in beer consumption will still continue for a few years in view of the various improvements that the modern breweries bring to the table. We remind you, however, that it is to be consumed with moderation.

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